Why Cocoonsie is the Best Wearable Blanket of 2018

Cocoonsie is the best wearable blanket in the world, and here’s why…

There is a huge market when it comes to wearable blankets. However, it hasn’t had any new ideas or disruptions in it for over 20 years!

All we’ve seen are the same old “blankets with sleeves.” While they are indeed classics, they don’t quite fill the need or solve the problem we face when we want a fully-functioning and versatile blanket.

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The Problem with Most Wearable Blankets

While the traditional backwards robe approach to wearable blankets may seem great, it actually comes with some shortcomings.

First of all, there is a ton of cloth used in a backwards robe-styled blanket that just sways around your legs. This can get irritating when you need to stand up and move around your house!

Every time you get up and move around, you’re dragging that sleeved blanket all over the ground, your cats are trying to play with it, and your dogs start tugging on it.

dog pulling on blanket gif cocoonsie wearable blanket

"Do you have a blanket for me to chew on?"

That’s the experience we’ve had at least…

Even if your animals haven’t become ferocious wearable blanket eating beasts, you’ve probably still been irritated with how much cloth you’re dealing with in most wearable blankets.

They just don’t let you exist. If you’re having a Lazy Sunday, how can you expect to enjoy any snacks if you’re imprisoned by the shackles of an oversized “fits all” blanket…robe…thing…

You see what our point is…

But wait…there’s more!

Imagine you’re trying to cook a meal in your backwards robe blanket. Let’s call it the “Snoozle.”

You have some eggs frying in one pan and your perfectly seasoned potatoes in another. You reach across the stove to stir those delish potatoes.

As you do this, the sleeve of the “Snoozle” you’re wearing sways freely below your wrist. In slow motion, you try to pull your arm up, but the sleeve still dips into the oil your eggs are frying in, burning the cheap material the “Snoozle” consists of.

most wearable blankets are not good for cooking

This is the problem with wearable blankets like the “Snoozle”! You can’t actually do anything while wearing them.

That problem has been fixed with the Cocoonsie, the best wearable blanket out today! The Cocoonsie cuts out all the excess material while optimizing comfort and utility.

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If you still don’t get what we mean, keep on reading because we are about to blow your mind…

*Literally Mindblowing

Okay, I Get that It’s a Wearable Blanket, but What is Cocoonsie?

Glad you asked (even though we asked for you)!

Cocoonsie is the world’s most fully-versatile wearable blanket. It fits like a charm and offers the most comfortable lounging experience a wearable blanket can!

Cocoonsie was created to give the best comfortability and most flexible utility of any other blanket on the market.

We know that’s a lot to chew on, so we will break it down for you.

Cocoonsie is a Full-Body Wearable Blanket

At its core, Cocoonsie is a full-body wearable blanket.

Our blanket takes what other wearable blankets are doing wrong and cuts those parts out. Then we take the things that wearable blankets are doing right and elevate those to a new level.

In the Cocoonsie, you can wrap your body into a full on “cocoon-mode,” while still being able to text, cook, read, or play your favorite video game.

*skrr* Cocoon-mode, Activate *skrr*

Even in cocoon-mode, you won’t have a bunch of flailing, excess material to work around. You simply wrap up in a full body wearable blanket cocoon and slide your hands through the hand slits on the side to be able to do all your favorite leisure activities!

You can take fantastic Netflix Naps in the Cocoonsie (which fits just as well as a onesie)!

are you still watching netflix image

Yes. Yes I am, Netflix.

Cocoonsie can be Sweatpants

If you need to get out of full cocoon-mode and don’t want to sacrifice your comfort, then you can simply drop Cocoonsie down to your waist to make a pair of comfortable sweatpants!

This is great if you need to get up and cook a snack for your weekend inside, or if you need to make a quick trip to the restroom.

Most wearable blankets require removal to do anything beyond laying down, which can be problematic. Why sacrifice comfort when you need to simply do day-to-day tasks?

cooking with the cocoonsie wearable blanket

"Finally, our sleeves aren't getting burnt!"

Look at how comfy Alex looks when wearing Cocoonsie as a pair of sweatpants! He also isn't catching on fire from having excess material flapping around!

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The great thing is, the versatility of Cocoonsie doesn’t end there…

Cocoonsie is a Pajama Romper

Cocoonsie continues to dominate the wearable blanket space with its versatility by being one of the first real pajama rompers on the market.

Most pajama rompers are fluffy rompers, but the Cocoonsie is the most comfortable pajama romper on the market today. It fully covers your body from the chest down, offering optimal comfort whether you’re walking around the house or lying in bed!

cocoonsie makes a great pajama romper while wearing coffee

Cocoonsie is perfect for that Saturday or Sunday morning cup of Joe.

It’s a great way to cook, clean, and walk around without having to make the rest of your body cold! Just drop the Cocoonsie down under your armpits, and you are now in pajama romper mode.

Wow, Cocoonsie Really is the Best Wearable Blanket Out There!

We like to think so, anyways. 😉

Cocoonsie started with the need to solve a problem – the eternal comfort we want to feel on our lazy days inside that sleeved blankets just can’t offer.

From there, the Cocoonsie became a reality that you can now enjoy! After gaining traction in local media outlets, we have been able to get the word out about the world’s absolute best wearable blanket.

To learn more about our history and how we were founded, feel free to read our story on the About page of our website!

Cocoonsie can be found on cocoonsie.com, so if you’re ready to elevate your relaxation, head on over to our online store to get one for yourself and your friends and family!

Cocoonsie is also now available on Amazon, just click here.

To see more of how Cocoonsie looks and functions, check out our photo gallery which has tons of content showing off how Cocoonsie works!

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