Cocoonsie Photoshoot - Cocoonsie: The Full-Body Wearable Blanket

We recently had two amazing photo shoots with Capture Studio from New Orleans. These guys did a product photo shoot for Cocoonsie, the full-body wearable blanket.

In the shoot, we got to show how versatile and useful the Cocoonsie really is in everyday life. You can text, play video games, cook, clean, or even make a delicious cocktail without ever having to sacrifice your lazy day comfort!

We were excited to get together family and friends for the shoot and we had a blast while doing it in the laid back, yet professional environment Capture Studio was able to provide behind the scenes. Speaking of behind the scenes, here are some pictures from during the shoot:

cocoonsie fully wearable blanket behind the scenes photoshoot

cocoonsie full body blanket behind the scenes photoshoot

As you can tell, we all had a ton of fun showing off the world’s most versatile wearable full-body blanket! You’ve probably seen some of the final images on our Instagram or Facebook, but you can see some of them below:

cocoonsie the full body wearable blanket

cocoonsie wearable blanket

You can also check out our Cocoonsie photo gallery to see some of the different ways you can use the Cocoonsie in your day-to-day activities.

We’ve been getting a lot of buzz since our soft-launch, depending on word of mouth and social media to help get the joy of Cocoonsie out to the world. We even had a video made for the Cocoonsie, with more to come. Enjoy our explainer video below, if you’re still wondering exactly what a Cocoonsie is or how a wearable blanket can truly be fully versatile:

As you can see, we made sure that you can quite literally do anything while wearing Cocoonsie. If you want to cuddle up and stay warm while texting or playing a video game, the Cocoonsie will wrap completely around your body and you just simply need to use the hand slits on the side to access your phone or controller.

Say you need to answer a door because your grandmother sent you a package you need to sign for from UPS. All you need to do is pop the Cocoonsie down to wear it as a pajama romper or even drop the Cocoonsie down to your waist to wear it as super comfy sweatpants.

We just wanted to share how much fun we had with Capture Studio and thank them for helping us show how useful Cocoonsie is for the everyday person!

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