The Cocoonsie Story.

Hello! My name is Levi and I am the founder of Cocoonsie, LLC. I created the Cocoonsie because I love to get on the couch and watch a movie on a cold or rainy day. I found that the traditional throw blanket was just too small. My feet or back side would poke out if I moved any amount. The traditional wearable blanket is just too big. If I needed to get up and walk around the house, I had to take these items completely off just because neither was functional after getting off of the couch. Not anymore...

...Finding the Solution

The Cocoonsie is the world's most functional, around the house, wearable blanket on the market today! You can wear the Cocoonsie like oversized pajama pants or like a pajama romper so you can easily move through the house, cook a meal, or use the restroom without ever taking the Cocoonsie completely off.

Why Cocoonsie?

When you are ready to get back on the couch, simply pull the Cocoonsie around your shoulders for that comfy cocoon fit! Use the easily accessible hand slits to text, change the channel, or play video games! Enjoy your Cocoonsie!

Full Body Blanket

Wear Cocoonsie as a full body blanket while doing tasks such as texting, gaming, or reading!


If you need to get up to answer the door or take care of another task, you can easily wear Cocoonsie as sweats!

Pajama Romper

Wear Cocoonsie as the world's first pajama romper to keep your arms free while you do day-to-day tasks!

The Cocoonsie Team


Cocoonsie creator, Iraq Combat Veteran, and Crossfit dabbler.

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