4 Ways to Relax in Your Cocoonsie

Cocoonsie loves relaxation – our core principle is that we want people to remain comfortable no matter how or where they are relaxing.

We get that you’ve got things to do on your off days, but we want to help you discover some new ways you can use your Cocoonsie to relax this weekend or upcoming holiday season!

Chill on the Couch

We always found that regular blankets are terrible when it comes to relaxing on the couch while watching a movie.

There are a couple of common scenarios you’ll run into whenever you are using a regular blanket on the couch.

Your Partner wants to Share

First up, is the boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. You’ve got your cozy on and you’re feeling pretty good with that regular blanket…then your significant other decides they want a little piece of that coziness…

They sneak a foot in, saying, “my feet are just cold,” so you let this slide.

Next thing you know, they’re yanking the entire blanket off of you and stealing your hard-earned comfort!

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Or your furry friend steals it...

As a result, you yank back. They yank back as well. This goes on until your blanket is either torn in half or you both settle to only have half of your bodies cozy.

You Keep Running Out of Blanket

Everyone knows the feeling of dread you have when you turn around and find your blanket ripped off your body.


This can happen constantly, and it’s really unfortunate if every time you move you have to take additional steps to keep warm and comfortable.

Honestly, the whole issue with a blanket on the couch really comes down to it being inefficient at what it is supposed to do – it can fall off to the floor or not cover you completely if you make even a small movement.

Cocoonsie Won’t Fall Off

Facing these two problems goes away completely whenever you put on your Cocoonsie!

Your significant other wants to share a blanket? Too bad – only you can fit in your Cocoonsie!

You roll over on the couch – you’re still comfortable since Cocoonsie is a fully wearable blanket!

Play Video Games

Video games are a staple of the modern era with people of all ages partaking in the challenges both online and in single player.

Take some time this weekend to catch up on a new game like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or Red Dead Redemption 2 while wearing your Cocoonsie!


All you need to do is pull the Cocoonsie up over your shoulders, pop your hands out of the hand slits on the side, and grab your controller!

You can even sit in your chair, lay in bed, or sit on the couch while you game, and you’ll never once sacrifice comfort.

Need to make a quick run for some soda? GG ez…just drop the Cocoonsie down to your waist and use it as a pair of sweatpants so you can get over to the gas station and fuel your late night gaming sesh even longer!

Read in Bed

Reading is a great way to wake up your brain in the morning (while enjoying a cup of coffee) and also a fantastic way to wind down for the night to finally enjoy some much-needed rest.

With blue light being emitted from most of our device screens and disrupting our sleep schedules, reading a book an hour before bed will drastically change your quality of sleep for the better.

We recommend getting your Cocoonsie on and putting it into full cocoon-mode. Use the hand slits to hold your book and turn the pages while you read and relax.

If you’re reading in the morning, we recommend making some coffee or having a black tea to accompany you (wear your Cocoonsie like sweatpants when you make your beverage). The caffeine boost alongside mental stimulation will put you in a place where you’re ready to conquer the day!

Let’s say you’re reading at night – making a cup of chamomile tea is a great way to help relax yourself while you break away from blue light and enjoy your book. Do this an hour leading up to the time you want to fall asleep, and you’ll be all kinds of cozy in your Cocoonsie! Lights out for the next 8 hours 😊

Making some Snacks

If you want to add some fun snacks to your relaxing day at home, you can do so in a Cocoonsie!

In case you haven’t noticed by now, we are all about being comfortable!

Some of our favorite snacks this time of year are of course the classic cookies and hot chocolate. You can have these while you play video games or watch movies on the couch. Mix and match the different ways you can relax with your Cocoonsie, and let us know on Instagram with the hashtag #cocoonsiecandoit, and you could get featured on our page!

Another great snack this time of year is of course pumpkin pie. While this takes some extra effort, it’s well worth it and you can stay mega chill in cocoon-mode while you wait for your pie to be ready!

Relaxing has Never Been More Relaxing!

With Cocoonsie, relaxing is more relaxing than ever! We designed the Cocoonsie with comfort in mind, which is why you’re able to lounge on the couch, play video games, and read in bed without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Cocoonsie isn’t only a blanket – we are also a company that cares! We recently had the opportunity to help out homeless United States veterans in our hometown, New Orleans.

You can purchase Cocoonsie here on our website with 10% OFF using coupon code COCOONSIE10.

You can also find the Cocoonsie on Amazon!

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