The Cocoonsie was thought up whenever our founder realized that he had a major issue - he could not find the right couch blanket to enjoy a day of relaxation with. Most blankets fall off of you whenever you move just a tad, and you have to give up your warmth and comfort to do tasks such as making a snack or answering the door!

Cocoonsie was the solution - it's the wearable blanket that you never have to take off. You can text while watching television or laying down, you can wear them like sweatpants or a romper if you need to get up and take care of a normal household task, and much more.

Unlike blankets with sleeves, Cocoonsie doesn't have excess material flailing about. You can stay comfortable and still fully function throughout the day.

If you want to find out more about how Cocoonsie works, click here.

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